Co-operation with IPSCStore

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Dear Rooster Mountain 2016 Competitor!
IPSCStore – is the one of the Rooster Mountain 2016 match sponsors. The IPSCStore is a web-store that presents a wide range of products and accessories for IPSC Practical Shooting worldwide.

The IPSCStore offers a possibility for all competitors to have a chance to get their orders directly to the Rooster Mountain Shooting Range for 1 EURO delivery fee only!

What does the offer mean?
Starting from Today and till July 22, 2016 everyone can purchase products from IPSCStore and receive them right on the Rooster Mountain 2016 shooting range.

How to use it?

  • Go to IPSCStore web-store:,
  • Choose the products you like,
  • Check the “PICK UP FROM ROOSTER MOUNTAIN 2016” delivery method
    • and Complete your order.

How to receive your order?
• Come to the Rooster Mountain 2016 Match starting from Thursday August 4 to registration or Stats Office till the end of the match,

  • Identify Yourself and Your order
  • and Pick up Your goods.

Why to use this opportunity?
Get everything you need! The IPSCStore presents the best choice of products for IPSC.
Save delivery costs! Orders delivery fee to Rooster Mountain 2016 costs 1 EURO ONLY!!!
Save your time! You just come to beloved match and pick up your goods!


Please be advised that the following products are restricted for ordering under the «PICK UP FROM ROOSTER MOUNTAIN 2016» action:

  • GUNS
  • AMMO

In case of any question regarding this actions feel free to contact IPSCStore directly.

More about the “Pick Up from Rooster Mountain 2016”action here >>>


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As  we get closer to the match – some shooters find that they do not have the time for Rooster this year. Thats what happens ;-)

I would like to advice people to tell me as soon as possible, if they will not show up. This way I can refund the money paid (or at least most of it) – and another shooter on top of the waitinglist can have the slot.

Last year we had som shooters who signed off VERY close to the match, and I let those shooters contact shooters on the waitinglist, or just asked them to find another shooter themselves. Some of the shooters on the waitinglist this way was not asked – or did not reply very qiuckly – and the slot went on to another shooter.

This year – we will observe the waitinglist – as that is what’s it’s there fore…. Or at least we will do that until mid July. After that – it’s every man for himself.

See You soon…


Registering for the 2016-match is over…

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The registration for 2016 was quickly over. It took 15 minutes for the first 230 shooters to register. That was a lot quicker than expected. I am sorry for those that experienced problems with ShootNScoreIt or Paypal. We will have to look for a better system for 2017, if the success continues. As some of you may have discovered, the number of approved shooters keep rising in these hours. This happens as a result of shooters from the Danish Nationals beeing approved – as described elsewhere.

If you are on the waitinglist, then keep an eye of your mailbox in a week’s time, as shooters that do not pay within a week, are beeing declined, freeing up slots for the waitinglist. Some of the people on waitinglist will get an e-mail stating that they are transferred to Pending… This means that You have one week to pay and automatically get Approved, or your slot again goes to the waitinglist (and You get declined). If you get declined, You need to register again, and You go to the bottom of the waitinglist. It is our goal that the match is filled with people that have paid, before Christmas. This way, everyone knows what their status is.

During the spring some people find that they can not participate anyway, and I will transfer other shooters from the waitinglist within a week.

See You at the match.

Henrik Lerfeldt (MD)


Rooster Mountain 2016 – Danish National Championship

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As Rooster Mountain 2016 has just very recently been appointed to the Danish National Championship for 2016 in Standard, Revolver and Classic, our RD has asked us to reserve some slots for Saturday/Sunday for Danish shooters in these divisions already at this point. Therefore we have set aside 25 slots for this purpose. These slots are only reserved for 7 days. After 7 days (on December 8, 2015) these slots will be free, and shooters on the waiting list will be moved into these non-used slots.

If there are no more available slots for Saturday/Sunday, you will have the possibility to shoot Thursday and Friday (squads 101->116), as we this year have opened them as part of the match. Either way, please select “main-match”. It is at this point in time not possible to order food for Thursday and Friday, but this will be possible closer to the match.

Please only select pre-match registration if you are an RO and have an appointment with Claus Henneberg. The prematch (for RO’s etc.) will take place on selected squads as part of the match Thursday and Friday.