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Rooster Mountain Winners

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Rooster Mountain 2014 is now over:

The Rooster Mountain team would once again like to congratulate the winners of this year’s match:

RESULTS can be found at SHOOT’n SCORE IT – click here


  1. Johan Nordberg                                 Sweden
  2. Lars-Tony Skoog                                 Sweden
  3. Viktor Boyarkin                                   Russia


  1. Frants Pedersen                                 Denmark
  2. Peter Schieck                                       Denmark
  3. Hans-Peter Schäfer                            Germany


  1. Agnes Baumgärtner                        Germany
  2. Heidi Christiansen                            Denmark
  3. Susanne Schäfer                                Germany


  1. Rasmus Gyllenberg                          Sweden
  2. Magnus Johansson                           Sweden
  3. Steinar Haugli                                     Norway


  1. Rune Vikeby                                        Norway
  2. Stefan Johannesson                           Sweden
  3. Claus Stahnke                                      Denmark


  1. Eduardo De Cobos Abreu                  Spain
  2. Andreas Danko                                    Denmark
  3. Jack Rømer                                           Denmark


  1. Manfred Ergler                                   Germany
  2. Roy Østen Henriksen                        Norway
  3. Henrik Smalbrro                                Denmark


  1. Tina Oskarsson                                    Sweden
  2. Cecilla Lindberg                                   Sweden
  3. Ann Harding                                         Sweden


Thanks once again to all the ROs, helpers, and builders. Without you there would be no Rooster Mountain.

Latest Uptdate

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Dear Shooter,

thank you very much for signing up for the Rooster Mountain 2014.

We have at this moment made a special deal with Hotel Hillerød (http://hotelhillerod.dk/). You can book a single room for 705,00 DKK (approx. 95,00€) per night. Normal price is 1.010,00 DKK (approx. 136,00€). There is also a big discount on double rooms. Please contact Hotel Hillerød direct. Do not use a booking agency.

At the moment the max number of competitors is set to 195 in the main match. Because Rooster Mountain is the Nordic championship we will wait only until the 15th of February to open for the maximum number of shooters 210. So have patience if you are on the waiting list.

Next week we will also start to put shooter who are on the pending list and haven’t paid, onto the waiting list. This will mean that there will be room for shooters on the waiting list in the match. So please pay as soon as possible.

Please note if you have paid and are still on the waiting list you will get the full refund if there is not a slot for your. For all others please read the refund policy on the webpage http://www.roostermountain.dk/Looking forward to seeing you at the match.

Best regards

Claus Henneberg and Henrik Lerfeldt.